Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Napcast - Duet

I've been noticing things in two for the last few months, so decided that this cast would be in twos, too.

2 Die songs
2 Reggae songs
2 Ethereal songs
2 old punkish songs
2 European songs
2 MTV sitings

#2 is probably my new fave
#3, #4, #5 are old faves but I just can't help but listen to them endlessly
#6 and #11.5 are ones that I found on MTV when I tuned to that channel twice in the last 10 years. I saw only two videos and it was these two. I had never seen either band before these videos, so I have to say MTV is a winner in my book.
(and sorry, forgot to put the title for 11.5 on the jpg, but it's an Outkast song)

I got a few of these songs from my friend who apparently has quite the same taste as me as I have been trying to put Song to the Siren on a mix for a long time, and he did it, so here it is.


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