Monday, June 02, 2008

The Naked Placeholder

1. "Clanging" - Charlie Naked (Four Pieces for Electric Guitar, 2007) - This is the lead-off track of the second of three all-guitar albums, which I wrapped up around the end of March of 2007. This song was constructed by using Sharpie pens as mallets again, clanging out the chords of the piece over and over and over again, until five layers of each chord have been recorded, each with its own distinct tone and equalization, then overlaying melodies with the ebow.

2. "Salamander" - Avijit (Salamander, 1994) - Before our first "official" album, my old long-defunct "free crap art rock" group Avijit recorded Salamander, a very early and VERY rough cassette of overdubbed semi-improvisations and very weird songs. It's unlikely I'll ever want to release this monstrosity on the world, but here's the title track, which I actually really do like.

3. "In Holger's Name 3" - The Defenestration Unit (In Holger's Name, 2006) - During 2006, while still secluded at Mike and Tom's house rehearsing, and before Monkeyboy joined us as our permanent kit drummer, we recorded numerous sessions, which I later picked through and edited together into this album, a tribute to the editing abilities of Holger Czukay, he who turned six-hour Can jams into listenable songs.

4. "Exotic Birds of Xtobay" - Avijit (Rockin' and Marchin' with Avijit, 1995) - This album was one of the first set of early Avijit albums that typically included a guest musician, in this case Gordion Knot singer/songwriter/guitarist Dolph Chaney. Dolph was game for the weirdness, and this was the result.

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