Monday, March 03, 2008

Children's Cast #58

You'd think with the amount of time I spent thinking about this podcast, I'd have less errors. I will add the missing names and artists tomorrow as I left it them at work. The Chinese songs will not have a name or artist as I never had them. And I completely left off a few songs I wanted to put on there, and felt like some songs were missing, but I guess you can't always get it right. At least I remembered the Dekker, though forgot the Woody Guthrie.

Children's songs are short. So there are a LOT of songs that would fit on this cast. I couldn't figure out how to organize so just thought to do it alphabetically. I messed up at the end because I'd accidentally left off two songs, but was not moving all the others around to get them in the right order.

I hope you enjoy. Many of these songs were pulled from comments from other napcasters, such as the Dan Zanes, the Biscuit Brothers, Sam Space and the Canned Heat. Mr. Wednesday supplied the Clancy Children and the Modern Lovers. I asked a Scotsman at work for some bagpipe music and he said that in his history children just cry when they hear them. But my boys love it. I hope yours don't cry.

Some of the songs are more about older children, like teenagers (Springsteen), and some kind of related to suburbia (Clash), and some may not seem to relate at all (Boogie Woogie) but they do.

On Jonathan Richman, I keep referring to him, but it looks like the songs are actually from when he was in The Modern Lovers. Ironically I ordered an album I had to have on this cast which would have helped me with this whole problem, but not only did it not arrive in time after I paid to have it get her faster than the speed of light, but I ordered a freakin' tape. TAPE. What am I going to do with that???

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