Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Let's see....

I relocated from the Aleutians to Houston last weekend. I didn't have time to host this episode and so I asked this dude Dudley to guest host for me. I would say that I was sorry for asking him, because of what unfolded in this cast with him behind the wheel- but to be honest, it's pretty fucking funny. Normally I wouldn't ask some stranger to do anything I consider myself to be responsible for.. but what the fuck... It is only a podcast.

I would also say that I hope none of you take offense at Dudley's back woods ranting-but I almost believe that each and every one of you deserve it considering all of the crap submissions I have had to weed through in the past. I'm not saying that they are all crap. I'm just saying.

This week's WORST submission "award" goes to Kilian.... Conor was pushing it close behind him... Anaconda... barely escaped... Justin scores points for bringing up terrible memories with Bob Mould and then carving them up with the Brecht.

Doug's submission of "Sink" was my favorite track on here.

Not sure why the Plaid track was truncated. Blame Dudley.

Maybe I'll see some of you around. Please get in touch with me if you have any ideas as to where I can hang some artwork.

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