Monday, October 15, 2007

Napcast #39

This post has some good news and bad news associated with
Let's start with the bad news...
DD - I lost one of your songs somehow. I'm sorry.
BBODG - I wasn't able to switch songs for you.
I missed Charlie posting, but at least I didn't lose your

The good news...
I could actually do the podcast and that rocks!

Even though once I had loaded Garage Band and was playing
with between 30mb and 300mb of free space for the first
several hours of
trying this out, and then I got wise and moved a lot
of my music off my machine thereby allowing the third
time I built the file to actually work, it was really
fun and easy.

There is an actual mystery on this cast - what Dave
Chappelle is angry about. If you can guess it, maybe
you can win something. We'll see what the people say.
Or, I could just tell you what he's mad about, but
where's the fun in that?

Thanks for letting me play.

Oh, and the artwork is a picture I took a few years
ago in Alpine Texas, which is in far west Texas.
You come up over this hill and you see the tallest
and largest sign ever - in the pristine landscape.
Interesting juxtaposition.

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