Monday, July 09, 2007


This cast originally had technical issues. It has since been corrected. Disregard comments related to the problem. You can listen now. It's okay.

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ms. rosa said...

is it hurdy gurdy man?

btw i don't know if my computer hiccupped but the napcast had a long pause at the beginning and then started over again halfway through jr kimbro. i'm not minding that 'cause i'm rockin' out to "freelance fiend" again. nice ted!

Head Stapler said...


There is a 25 second gap at the onset. I recorded an intro, muted it while working on the other tracks, and when I exported the file I failed to unmute the intro.... Dumb. I am listening to MY iTunes version of what I uploaded and there is no restart during junior K... Maybe someone else has heard it? It might be a podomatic deal.

And you have the name of one song right. Artist?

Head Stapler said...

wtf. I just listened to the embedded player, and I see what you mean. I don't get it, because the Mp3 of the whole cast that I have is fine. Maybe something happened during upload. What a bunch of crap.